Were all pretty much guilty at one time or another for feeding our dog human food, aka: table scraps. Although our food may be really tasty and even healthy for our consumption, this does not ring true for dogs.
Training yourself to be disciplined may help your pooch stick around for a good long while. See, dogs are meant to eat protein and raw bones. They were never intended to eat our food such as bites of pizza, breads, and scraps cut off of meat on our plate. These foods are not only not necessary for their bodies to have, but can have a hard time digesting it as well as struggle with gaining extra weight.

The more extra weight your dog has on its body, the harder it is on his everyday lifestyle and may decrease his years on earth. It makes it very difficult on the internal organs to function properly, and not to mention, all of the seasonings found on or in our foods, they may be highly allergic to. 

We recommend giving your dog treats which are good for them, such as raw baby carrots, small raw hamburger balls, or freeze dried liver treats found in most pet stores. Resist the urge to give table scraps, as they are 9 times out of 10 unhealthy for your furry companion. For those who have a hard time saying no to those cute sad eyes, properly train your dog at a very young age to respect your dinner table and your food in general. Training them its inappropriate to beg for food will eliminate the urge and chances to hand over a tasty piece of human food.

Also, this is the time of year that include family gatherings and dinner parties. Protect your dog by kindly reminding your company that your dog or dogs are not to be fed scraps, that it may affect their health negatively. If you feel you have people who may forget or are stubborn and not listen to you, then don’t hesitate to put your dog away while you have company over. Remember that our animals cannot speak for themselves and they look to us for protection, so please help protect them and ensure a healthy dieter their lives. 

Have questions or concerns about your dogs table side manners? Call us direct at 616-212-3054 or send us an email on our Contact Us page. We can help with any situation, even that pesky begging!

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