When Brie first met the pregnant Pit Bull, she could immediately sense the dog’s fear. The dog, later named Valentine, was skittish and clearly traumatized by her past experiences. Brie knew she had to help this scared, expectant mother, so she brought her home and began the slow process of building trust between them. It took time and patience for Valentine to learn to trust again, but with each passing day, she became more comfortable in her new surroundings. Brie and Valentine gradually formed a strong bond, and after about three weeks, the pregnant Pit Bull finally felt secure enough to venture outside with her new human friend.


Brie named the dog Valentine because she arrived on Valentine’s Day. As the days passed, Brie would spend hours just watching Valentine’s belly, marveling at the ‘ripples’ and movements of the unborn puppies. They eagerly awaited the arrival of the little ones, unsure of exactly when labor would begin.

One morning, it seemed like Valentine might be going into labor, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The very next day, however, the nesting behavior began, and Brie knew it was time for the puppies to be born. Valentine gave birth to six healthy puppies, and despite being a first-time mother, her maternal instincts kicked in immediately. She took to caring for her babies with love and dedication, and Brie couldn’t have been more proud of her.


Over the next eight weeks, Brie watched as the puppies grew and developed their own unique personalities. They experienced many firsts, like playing outside and exploring the world around them. When the time came for the puppies to go to their new homes, it was difficult for Brie to let them go. She knew, however, that they were destined for amazing families who would love and care for them just as she had.


Originally, Brie had planned to foster Valentine until she found a permanent home, but she quickly realized that she couldn’t bear to part with the brave and loving Pit Bull. She decided to adopt Valentine herself and make her a permanent part of her family. Inspired by Valentine’s incredible journey and the bond they had formed, Brie is now working on opening her own rescue in honor of her beloved Pit Bull. Together, they will continue to change the lives of dogs in need, spreading love and hope to animals who have been dealt a difficult hand in life.

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