Lucky, an albino puppy, was found abandoned with his siblings just hours after they were born. Clanay heard cries coming from a few doors down and went running. The homeowner happened to be a backyard breeder. Lucky was lying on the ground, discarded like trash.


Despite the odds stacked against him, Lucky continued to fight. Thanks to the love and care of his mom, Clanay, Lucky is a textbook example of what the power of love and special care can do! Lucky was the smallest and weakest of the litter. His siblings passed away one by one, and she wasn’t sure if Lucky would survive. However, Clanay was determined to give him a fighting chance. She took him in and worked around the clock to give him the care he needed.


At first, Lucky was so tiny that he looked like a baby hamster. He had trouble latching onto a bottle, but he showed a strong will to live by taking droplets from a syringe. As the days went by, Lucky continued to fight for his life, and his mom began to believe that he might have a chance at survival.

When Lucky reached one week old, Clanay was hopeful. By two weeks, he was standing up and taking his first steps. As he continued to grow, he faced new challenges, such as being diagnosed as blind at two weeks old. Despite these obstacles, Lucky remained strong and resilient.

At four months old, Lucky had to have one of his eyes removed. Even then, he remained a loving and happy dog, wagging his tail and seeking affection. Clanay took him to a specialist, who informed her that Lucky needed to wear goggles for sun protection due to his albinism.


Now Lucky is full-grown and keeps on thriving. He has defied all the odds stacked against him and continues to be a strong, happy, and loving dog. He has no idea he is different and that’s exactly what Clanay wanted– for her precious pup to live the life every pet deserves!

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