Jennifer Morris, a 60-year-old woman from Paducah, Kentucky has been arrested on counts of animal cruelty and disorderly conduct after multiple witnesses reported to police that she was dragging a dog behind her vehicle. Obviously, the dog has suffered serious injuries as a result of this terrible incident. Morris claims ignorance in the matter.

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Morris and Passenger Were Arguing

Morris claims that as she was driving in Paducah, she was engaged in an argument with an unnamed passenger in her car. She pulled the car over and the passenger exited the car. At that time, the dog followed the passenger out of the car and somehow the dog got tied to the back of the car. Why or how this occurred has not been made clear. Morris claims that she did not know the dog was tied to the back of the car. She drove away, dragging the dog for an unknown distance.

Multiple Witnesses Called Police

Morris was driving near Paducah Tilghman High School. Person after person noticed the poor dog being dragged behind Morris’s car. The only person who seemed completely oblivious to the heinous scene unfolding through the small town was Morris herself. Many attempted to stop Morris but failed to get her attention. She just kept driving, dragging the dog behind her. Eventually, she pulled over into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Unbelievably, she exited the car, untied the dog from her car, and dragged it again, this time with her own body. She tied the dog to a pole, stunning the many people who watched, jaws dropped and hearts pounding.

Police Found a Belligerent Morris at the Scene

Police arrived at the fast food restaurant to find Morris belligerent and arguing with witnesses. She refused or was unable to calm herself down. She was arrested for a second degree count of animal cruelty. Her behavior with bystanders and the police landed her a second charge of second degree disorderly conduct. The status of the dog is unknown, although officer’s commented to NY Daily News that the dog sustained “obvious, serious injuries.”

Morris Has Criminal History reported that Morris has a fairly lengthy criminal history. In 2017, Morris was convicted of harboring a vicious animal. According to court records, police responded to her home for a report of an overdose. When Morris opened the door, a dog ran out in an “aggressive manner” and the officer fired on and killed the dog. Morris reported that the dog had previously bitten people, including police officers, and had been taken away by animal control. Morris’s record also includes criminal mischief and criminal trespassing convictions from a 2016 arrest and arson and wanton endangerment convictions from 2014.

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