Imagine being abandoned, tied up, and left to fend for yourself, struggling to find food in a bag of rubbish. That was the heartbreaking reality for Lisa, a small mixed-breed dog who was found in terrible condition by Sabine and her team. People were scared of Lisa’s appearance and walked by her, but Sabine and the volunteers with Little Steps Matter rescue group knew that they needed to help her. Despite witnessing much suffering in their work, finding Lisa brought them to tears. She was in such terrible shape, and to know someone was so callous as to dump her like they did broke their hearts.


It was clear that Lisa’s condition was not something that happened overnight. She had been cruelly left behind, tied up so she couldn’t run after her owners when they abandoned her. The rescue team quickly rushed her to the vet clinic, where it was discovered that Lisa was severely dehydrated, suffering from mange, and had early-stage cancer. She had to stay on IV fluids at the clinic to begin her recovery.

By the second day at the clinic, Lisa already showed signs of improvement. She had more energy and greeted her rescuers happily, wagging her tail. After five days, Lisa was allowed to leave the clinic and go to a safe house, where she was initially overwhelmed by the affection she received. The love and care she received from her rescuers gave her hope and a glimmer in her eyes, and she began to come out of her shell.


Lisa enjoyed her first bed and became more and more comfortable in her new environment. She started going on walks and gained weight quickly, with her fur beginning to grow back. It was amazing to see her happy, playing, and enjoying life.

In just three weeks, Lisa was declared cancer-free, and the pain and suffering of her past were finally behind her. After one month with her rescuers, she was strong enough to meet other dogs at the rescue center. Though it was overwhelming for her at first, the other dogs were gentle with newcomers, and Lisa soon settled in well.


Lisa blossomed into a playful, gentle, and loving dog, enjoying adventures like running on the beach, swimming with her friends, and digging in the sand. Now around one year old and fully grown, Lisa can be a little shy at first, but she opens up quickly and has so much love and joy to give.

The miracle dog is still available for adoption, but we have faith that she will find her forever home quickly. If you are interested in adopting Lisa or know someone who is, visit Little Steps Matter’s website by clicking here. Play the video below to witness Lisa’s incredible rescue and complete transformation. You won’t believe what she looks like now!

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