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There is no exception when it comes to training a dog, whether it’s based on what breed or what size. Every dog needs a good foundation for its life, even the couch potatoes qualify for this. Just because your pooch may not be aggressive or out of control, does not mean he or she should not have structure. 

For example, a young couple lived next door to an elderly lady who enjoyed afternoon walks down the sidewalk. The young couple had a very friendly golden retriever who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but only lick you to death. The couple didn’t find this dog needing any training seeing he was so sweet and lovable, but they were wrong. One day while the dog was in the couples yard, the elderly lady went for her usual stroll down the sidewalk. The dog saw the lady and bolted towards her to say “hi!” The couple was yelling for their dog to stop and come back to them, calling out his name over and over, saying “no!!” And then the worse happened, the dog jumped up to greet the elderly lady and knocked her right over. Her head hit the concrete and she wasn’t moving. 

So here’s the moral of the story. Yes that dog was sweet and wasn’t meaning any harm to the elderly lady, but because it’s owners didn’t train him properly as a young guy about how to properly meet and greet people, he accidentally sent an old lady to the ICU for severe brain trauma. The couple ended up being heavily sued by the family of the lady, and had to take out a second mortgage on their home. 

So you see, your dog may be sweet as pie such as this friendly retriever, but that doesn’t mean he has all his manners. Dogs are like children, without guidance and being taught what is and is not acceptable, they will find themselves in trouble eventually. As a pet owner, it’s us humans responsibility to make sure our dogs are taught obedience and manners at a very young age to avoid anything bad happening in the future. One day it may come down to life or death for your dog if they get into trouble such as this golden retriever did, don’t let that happen to you. 

Whether your dog is sweet and friendly, or you have a highly aggressive case on your hands, no problem is too big or small for K-9 Specialist. With our one on one evaluation of your dog, we can customize a training program to fit your needs and get you on the right track. You can inquire right here on our website on the Contact Us page or call us directly at 616-212-3054 to discuss your situation. 

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