Gretta’s bio:

“I grew up in Caseville, Michigan in a family of 9.  Caseville is located in the thumb of Michigan and is in a very rural farmland area. I grew up being around animals my whole life. As a kid I was always interested in spending time with animals and trying to teach them new things. I have a specific memory of my sister and I teaching our horse to swim with us in our pond. We have pictures from that summer of us out swimming with the horse and our little Springer Spaniel.
I have an associates degree in Biblical and Theological studies from Reformation Bible College in Florida. From a Christian stand point, I believe that All things are a gift from God. And dogs are one of those gifts. He created the world and all that is in it and he gave mankind dominion over it. But with that dominion over creation He has given us a responsibility to take good care of what he has given us. And to the best of my ability I try to carry out that responsibility I have been given in every aspect of my life. That’s where K-9 specialist has equipped me with the knowledge and ability to care for dogs and help their owners care for them even better.
I met Al in 2016 and became acquainted with K-9 Specialist through my brother. He had several of his dogs both protection trained and obedience trained by Al. As my brother and Al became better friends, I got to know him and K-9 Specialist better. My family even had the pleasure of adopting two dogs that Al rescued.
Over the past 6 years my curiosity and desire to work with dogs and understand them has grown. So I asked Al if he would consider teaching me how to train dogs and bring me on to the team. I wanted in on the action; and I got to learn from the best of the best. It is incredible to be part of the transformation of so many dogs and to see peoples joy when they see that transformation in their own dogs.”

Jake’s bio:

“I met Al in 2021 with the interest of one day becoming a K-9 specialist like him. I come from a family of construction workers. Since i was a kid I was always determined to be the hardest worker out of everyone I knew. Bringing this background of hard work and routine discipline into training dogs has been an amazing experience. Not only do I get to work with what I would consider the best animal on the planet, but I get to watch them transition into the dog their owner has always wanted them to be. The reward of seeing people’s reaction when they see their completed dog far surpasses the joy I would get from construction. 
My wife and I are true dog lovers. We have 3 dogs of our own. I’ve grown up always having a dog in the house and they are a blessing to have in our lives. They truly are man’s best friend. Even when they do misbehave you still love them so much and have a hard time being mad at them for long. 
With a strong belief in God, I bring the mindset of loving others into my work. Your satisfaction and your dog’s training is my priority. I don’t plan on being just another trainer, I plan on being the only trainer you’ll ever want to do business with. My objective is for you to have nothing but good things to say about your dog and the experience you have with us.”