Ruby Shorrock is only 24-years-old, but she has already managed to graduate veterinary school, open a revolutionary new clinic, and selflessly serve the pets – and humans – of her community.

The young vet is an inspiration to the homeless men and women she helps, as well as the entire veterinary community who have taken notice of her service and begun to spread the goodwill.



Shorrock grew up in Glasgow, Scotland helping her mother and grandmother care for orphaned and injured wildlife. During veterinary school at the University of Glasgow she learned about a cost-free program for homeless pet owners at the University of Nottingham Veterinary College and began researching how to bring a similar program to life in Glasgow.



At just 22-years-old Shorrock launched Trusty Paws Clinics – which operate once a month within local homeless shelters. Veterinary students help out at the clinics, earning valuable experience while providing a much-needed community service.



Since its inception in 2014, Trusty Paws has helped at least 100 pets – mostly dogs – with veterinary needs ranging from basics like vaccinations and parasite control, to serious health concerns like infections, Cushing’s Disease and surgery. Although dogs are the primary patients, Shorrock says all animals are welcome.



Inspired by her work, other UK communities like Edinburgh and Bristol have reached out to Shorrock for help in setting up their own programs. She was even awarded the 2016 International Fund for Animal Welfare honor for her efforts.



“We try to promote the human-animal bond because it isn’t recognized enough,” Shorrock told The Dodo. “Animals are good for people’s mental health, and the benefits as well as the responsibility and routine that comes from owning a pet outweigh those of giving them up.”



If you would like to help Trusty Paws Clinics continue to grow and serve, you can make a financial donation through PayPal or purchase much-needed supplies through their  Amazon Wishlist. Be sure to follow Shorrock and Trusty Paws on Facebook and Instagram.

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