When a man asked why Christopher would want to adopt a “broken” dog, little did he know that this deaf puppy would change lives. Christopher, ready to adopt his first rescue dog, found a special connection with the deaf puppy, as his nephew was also born deaf.


This connection sparked a fire within Christopher and changed his entire mindset. He realized that the puppy, Cole, had a unique way with humans. This inspired him to pursue therapy dog training for Cole, with the goal of changing the way people think about differences.

Cole’s deafness turned out to be a profound advantage in his role as a therapy dog. He can focus 100% on any given moment, without being distracted by noise. When Cole needs a nap, there’s no stopping him, which is another advantage of his unique condition.


Five days a week, Cole works as a full-time therapy dog in an elementary school. In addition to his school duties, he visits hospice patients a couple of days a week and serves as a mascot at a local veterans home. Cole also participates in traveling school programs, where he helps teach about acceptance and disability awareness.


Christopher and Cole have been working together as a team for six years, and every day, they share moments with children, students, and hospice patients that remind them why they are doing this. It’s a humbling experience, and it’s amazing how a little deaf shelter puppy can bring so much joy to people of all ages.

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