Toad, an 80-pound gentle giant, was the last of his litter to be adopted. Born to a pregnant dog rescued from a shelter, Toad’s mother was fostered by Carly’s mom. She gave birth to 10 puppies, all of which found loving homes. However, Toad remained unadopted until Carly decided to step in. Carly, who was in school at the time, frequently walked Toad around campus and throughout town. Living in the dorms with one semester left, she made the decision to abandon her dorm and rent an off-campus apartment to accommodate Toad. Although she still had to pay for the dorm, Carly didn’t mind the extra expense because she knew Toad was worth it.


Toad’s mama was eventually adopted by Carly’s mom, and the two dogs enjoy playdates together. They get excited to see each other, but their reunions have become less frequent since Carly’s mom has moved out of state. Despite their separation, Toad remains a happy, playful dog. This gentle giant has a few quirks, such as being easily scared by noises like leaves crunching or holiday decorations. He also has a habit of running into parked cars, even though he doesn’t have vision problems. Toad is very protective of Carly and is cautious around strangers. He requires a proper introduction before he can comfortably be around new people.


Toad has also had playdates with two of his littermates, and they get along great. He has a special affinity for little dogs, such as his good friends, a Pug and a Boston Terrier. With bigger dogs, he needs some time to warm up. Link, an 18-year-old senior Chihuahua mix, was adopted by Carly from a shelter. Toad was excited when Link was brought home, and the two have since bonded. Although Toad tries to play with Link, the older dog prefers to sleep or sniff around the yard.


Toad used to have separation anxiety when Carly moved from her college apartment to a new one. However, he no longer experiences anxiety when Carly leaves the house alone. But if Carly leaves with Link, Toad can be heard barking and whining from the driveway. Toad is Carly’s “little baby” and the first dog she’s ever had that was entirely her own. Since adopting him, she has become his person, and their bond is unbreakable. Carly loves Toad deeply and is grateful to have him in her life.

Check out the video below to meet Toad and witness his adorable personality. We are so happy Carly stepped up to give this deserving dog a forever home.

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