The Puppy Bowl consistently delivers a delightful clash between Team Ruff and Team Fluff, providing viewers with an abundance of heartwarming moments. Yet, it was a specific commercial aired during yesterday’s event that truly stole the show and won over our affections. If you missed the 2024 SuperBowl Budweiser Clydesdales commercial, be sure to check it out here.

The ad, featuring a pair of Golden Retriever parents navigating the trials of travel with their pup, will strike a familiar chord with any parent who’s undertaken a car journey with young ones.


Image/Story Source Credit: Subaru via YouTube Video


Golden Retriever puppies, with their boundless charm, are undeniably endearing. This ad captures the essence of parental patience, showcasing the puppy’s parents enduring the gentle strains of a lullaby, a scenario all too familiar to parents acquainted with their children’s unique musical tastes, including the inevitable “Baby Shark.”

The poignant moment when the music ceases, eliciting whimpers from the puppy in the backseat, and the weary sigh from the dad, perfectly portrays the shared experience of family road trips. The tagline, “Dog tested, dog approved,” not only appeals to dog lovers but speaks to the universal desire to ensure our pets’ comfort while traveling. Recognizing our dogs as integral family members, Subaru‘s advertisement adeptly taps into the collective sentiment of pet owners, highlighting the importance of accommodating our furry companions’ needs.

Image/Story Source Credit: Subaru via YouTube Video


This advertisement not only emphasizes the relatability of pet parenthood but also reinforces the notion that our pets deserve the same consideration and comfort we extend to all family members during travel. Subaru’s keen understanding of their audience is evident, making this commercial a memorable highlight of the Puppy Bowl experience.

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