Scout is a determined dog who found his way into a nursing home at night. When he was found by one of the staff, she called animal control and he was taken to the shelter. But somehow, he escaped and returned again! This happened a total of three times, ultimately winning the hearts of the staff and residents.


Scout’s journey began when he was discovered by a midnight nurse, lying on a couch in the nursing home’s lobby. The animal control center, located across the highway from Meadow Brook, was called to pick him up. However, within the same week, Scout was found on the same couch two more times. He had scaled fences at the animal shelter and navigated his way around the nursing home building to enter through the automatic doors.


Recognizing Scout’s determination to be at Meadow Brook, the nursing home’s administrator, who has a special place in her heart for animals, decided to adopt him. When Scout first arrived, he was timid. He also had BBs lodged in his face, which the vet discovered. Although the BBs don’t seem to cause him any trouble, they are part of his mysterious traumatic past.

One resident perfectly described the impact of having Scout in the nursing home, saying that it makes the facility feel more like home rather than an institution. This is especially true for those who had dogs in the past. Scout is loving, social, and has a strong intuition for when someone is sick or feeling down. He spends extra time with those individuals, providing comfort and companionship.


Scout’s backstory remains a mystery, as the shelter had no information about him, no vet papers, and no chip. There is some speculation that he may have once belonged to a resident at the nursing home, which could explain his determination to be there. Regardless of his past, Scout knows where his home is now and shows no desire to leave. Even when taken for walks in the hall, he remains off-leash and doesn’t approach the automatic doors that he once used to enter the building.

Scout’s presence at Meadow Brook Nursing Home has brought joy and comfort to the residents and staff, proving that sometimes, home is where the heart is. Or where the dog is!

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