Spaying and Neutering

August 18th, 2015

Depending on what professional your speaking with, this topic is always a hot debate. Often times people bring their dogs to a vet and question whether or not spaying/neutering their pooch will make their behavioral issues better. The answers most people get from their vets is “yes”, and away they go with the surgery, and usually at a very young age. The common age for vets to recommend this surgery is right around 6 months, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. However, this is not the solution to the behavioral problems.

Just like us humans, males need testosterone to mature physically and mentally, as well as females need estrogen to mature physically and mentally. Therefore when you spay or neuter your dog, it takes out the natural growing process from a physical nature as well as a maturing nature. So here lies the problem. When your dog is stripped of these natural hormones, it basically stays in a puppy like mentality for quite a long time, sometimes as long as 9 years of age. Therefore, any bad behavioral issues either stay the same, or get worse over time. Never does spaying or neutering make the dog “behave” any better…technically and medically that does not make any sense.

So why do most vets recommend this procedure? The answer is simple. To stop dogs from reproducing and having puppies. It is true that there are too many irresponsible people allowing their dogs to run wild and have the opportunity to mate, however for those who are responsible dog owners will not have this problem. If you keep your dog contained in its own environment and make sure it cannot mate with another dog, then spaying or neutering is not necessary. Keeping your pooch in-tact is an advantage to not only your dogs personal growth, but to yourself as well.

By not spaying/neutering your dog, you’re allowing your dog to fully mature physically and mentally. If your pooch has any behavioral issues, that is something a dog behaviorist and highly qualified trainer can solve for you. Training is always recommended for every dog, and every breed. The sooner you can start their training, the better. However, training started under 10 weeks of age is not recommended.

Right around 10-12 weeks of age is the ideal time to start a foundation of good behavior. This allows trainers like us to begin the imprinting stage, which is where we train the dog what behaviors are and are not acceptable. This is very similar to behaviors of a child. The sooner you can start teaching your children good manners, the easier it will be for you later as a parent to further your teaching, because then your children will have developed a great foundation of respect. This goes for a dog as well. The sooner your dog respects you as the pack leader, the better the behavior and the less of a problem future training will be.

This is K-9 Specialists beliefs and has been able to prove it for over 24 years. If you are experiencing difficult and challenging behavior, please contact us today for your free evaluation.* If you have not spayed or neutered your pooch just yet, please wait until you contacted us for further professional advice.

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