You know him from X-Men, Logan, and Star Trek. He’s a likable guy with a handsome British accent. Now it’s time for him to show us his Pitties! Sir Patrick Stewart is not only a hero on the silver screen but he’s also a hero in real life! He is a lover of all things Pitbull and has dedicated much of his life to giving rescue Pits a second chance at love.

It All Started When Ginger Stole His Heart

His love of dogs was resurrected in recent years when he became the foster dad to Ginger. He met Ginger at an event that benefited a local rescue and the rest was history. He and his wife, Sunny Ozell, have continued welcoming dogs into their home ever since! After Ginger there was Emma, then came Leonard, then Ella, and we can’t forget Orson. To be honest, Sir Patrick Stewart has fostered more dogs than there are movies in the X-Men franchise, and that’s saying something!


“Last March, we had one month left on the lease of our Los Angeles rental home, and it was a perfect place to share with a four-legged friend. Our plan was that when we moved out, so would Ginger, to her forever home. It became clear, pretty much immediately, that Patrick and I were completely naïve. Within forty-eight hours of sharing our home with Ginger, we were head-over-heels in love, and began investigating how we could fold this 62 pounds of red-nosed pibble perfection into our rather hectic lives,” Sunny Ozell once posted on Facebook.


The Captain Of The Starship Enterprise Is A Softie

The captain of the Starship Enterprise likes to snuggle puppies, but you didn’t hear that from me!


Each pup has warmed his heart and quickly won over every ounce of love he could give. Sir Patrick Stewart loves splashing his precious Pits with pool water and taking a nice afternoon nap on the couch (perfectly snuggled and snoring away with his four-legged friends). His movie roles might make him seem like he has an impermeable personality, but his relationship with his dogs proves that to be – as Dwight Schrute would say – FALSE.


He is so enamored by his dogs that he has been diligently working to change legislation in the United Kingdom to have more acceptance of Pitbulls. After all, he splits his time between the U.S. and the U.K., so of course, he wants his pups to be able to travel just as freely.


Who knew Sir Patrick Stewart was the hero we were all waiting for? Here’s one more adorable video for the road. You’re welcome.

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