For years, Sox the 11-year-old shelter dog has been in and out of the North Fork Animal Welfare League. She had been with the same family for nearly 8 years, but now, she’s all alone. She’s the sweetest pup, but she is often overlooked because of her age. However, volunteer Valerie Sanks from Rocky Point, New York knows how special Sox really is. So, she decided to give Sox her very own unicorn-themed sleepover party!

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Sox’s History

There’s still a lot that’s unknown about Sox’s past, but it’s clear that her family was not loyal to her. Sox would often get let out of the house, and she’d get lost wandering the streets. Luckily, the shelter was always there to rescue her.

Usually, Sox’s family came to pick her up not long after, but she always seemed to get loose again. Then, one day, her family never returned for her. It’s clear that she loved them very much, and you could see the disappointment in her eyes as she waited for them to return day after day.

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Now, Sox needs a family that will give her the love and support she deserves. She’s ready for a forever family that won’t ever leave her behind. So, to help that dream come true, Sanks decided to throw her the best sleepover ever to help her get noticed.

“I saw the sadness in her eyes, and I thought she needed the most magical sleepover ever. Hence, the magical unicorn sleepover,” said Sanks. “I picked up my beautiful girlfriend at 1:30 p.m., and she was so excited — her tail was like a windmill or a helicopter. She knew she was going to have a good old time!”

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Sox’s Unicorn Sleepover!

The sleepover took place at the La Quinta Inn, and it was in loving memory of TayTay, the first shelter dog to get their own special sleepover. Sanks had done this for many amazing dogs before, and many of them found their forever homes not long after.

In fact, this was Sox’s second sleepover during her stay at the North Fork Animal Welfare League. Her first one was for St. Patrick’s day, and she got to wear an adorable green tutu and heart-shaped glasses.

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This sleepover was a unicorn theme, complete with a rainbow tutu and unicorn decorations. Sox had about 20 guests stop by to give her plenty of love. Some were repeat visitors from her first sleepover while others met her for the first time at the unicorn party. Either way, she acted as if she had known them her whole life.

Sure, the decorations were amazing, but the love and attention were Sox’s favorite part of the event. Sox also got plenty of treats throughout the night, including a delicious plain cheeseburger for dinner. 

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“Look closely into her eyes, and you will see her beautiful soul,” Sanks said. “She will love a person 100 times more than they could love her. She never forgets a friend no matter what time has passed — and she greets you like you are the most important person in the world.”

Sox had an amazing time during her sleepover, but she’s still in need of a forever family. She would prefer a home with no other dogs, and she would love to live with someone who’s home most of the time. If you think Sox could be the perfect dog for you or someone you know, please contact North Fork Animal Welfare League!

Image: @dogsnightout/Facebook

Featured Image: @dogsnightout/Facebook

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