A United Airlines flight from Denver to Portland on Monday evening turned unforgettable for passengers after a small dog caused a significant disturbance. About an hour before landing, a passenger seated in an aisle seat towards the plane’s rear faced an unpleasant situation when her Chihuahua defecated on her lap.

Nick, a fellow passenger, shared with Nexstar’s WGN, “Suddenly, a foul odor of poop overwhelmed us. A pregnant lady behind me, claiming her senses were heightened, pressed the call button. I used my phone light to investigate, revealing the dog was not in its carrier. We were initially unsure if the mess was from the dog or its owner.”


Image/Story Source Credit: WGN News via YouTube Video


He added, “A flight attendant’s arrival clarified the mishap.”

Flight attendants took nearly ten minutes to respond and clean the area.

Burton Bix, another passenger, noted, “The woman seemed hesitant to address the mess, and the attendants were delayed in their response. They eventually donned protective gear to sanitize the vicinity.” United Airlines mandates that all pets remain in carriers under the seat throughout the flight, a rule allegedly flouted by the dog’s owner. Bix recalled, “She had mentioned her intention to remove the dog from its carrier despite the rule, and she admitted to not having taken the dog to an airport relief area before boarding.”


Image/Story Source Credit: WGN News via YouTube Video


The packed flight meant that those seated nearby had no alternative seating options. Reflecting on the incident, Nick suggested, “It’s probably wise to ensure pets relieve themselves before boarding. The owner had mentioned neglecting to do so.” Post-flight, United offered affected passengers electronic credits ranging from $50 to $75 for future travel.

Despite the inconvenience, some passengers, like Nick, held no grudges, recognizing the incident as an unfortunate accident.

He commented, “It’s not ideal to be associated with a ‘poop incident,’ but we remained calm and understanding. It was an accident, after all. Perhaps this incident can serve as a learning opportunity for both United Airlines and passengers.”


Image/Story Source Credit: WGN News via YouTube Video


United Airlines addressed the incident by stating that the crew promptly cleaned the affected area upon being notified, offered sanitizing wipes, and issued travel vouchers to those seated nearby.

Flight attendants also distributed coffee bags to help mask the smell, attempting to mitigate the discomfort caused by the incident.

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