Alice Mayn’s passion for senior dogs started back in 2007 when she met Lily, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever. Lily was brought to a shelter in Sonoma County, California, and Mayn fell in love with this sweet dog right away. So, she decided to foster her. Mayn only spent a total of four months with Lily, but this amazing senior dog changed her life. This experience caused Mayn to want to help out as many senior dogs as she could from that moment on.

Lily was a sweet girl that everyone fell in love with. When she met Mayn, she gave her a kiss as soon as she came out of the kennel. She was old with a lot of health problems including a nasal infection, blood disorder, and seizures, but she didn’t let that hold her back. She was such a happy dog that always lived her life to the fullest.

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The day after Lily passed away, Mayn decided that she wanted to create an organization that would help rescue and find homes for senior dogs. She was only 6 weeks away from retirement, and she knew that helping senior dogs would be the perfect way to spend her time. So, she created Lily’s Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary.

A Loving Place for Senior Dogs

Lily’s Legacy really is a dream come true both for Mayn and all the senior dogs that she’s helped. This nonprofit sanctuary takes up a total of 5 acres, so there’s plenty of space for as many senior dogs as possible. 

There are volunteers on-site at all times to make sure that these dogs get the best care possible. The dogs are able to roam freely in a barn that’s been decorated as a living room. The barn is complete with couches, tables, and carpet. The volunteers are there to supervise, care for, and of course, cuddle the dogs!

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“We think these dogs should be treated like family [dogs] and we get as close to that as we possibly can,” said Mayn. “It’s a happy place.”

The dogs at this sanctuary were surrendered for lots of different reasons, but regardless of their past, they’re ready to find a new loving home to spend the rest of their life. Mayn makes sure that they are very comfortable while they wait for their forever family to come along.

“You look in their eyes and you can see their behavior and you just know how grateful they are,” Mayn added.

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Saving Senior Dogs Week

In order to encourage more people to adopt senior dogs, Mayn also launched “Saving Senior Dogs Week.” This runs from November 4th to the 10th, and throughout the week, awareness is spread about the “joys and rewards” that senior dogs bring. 

Mayn’s rescue has partnered with 10 other senior dog groups across the United States to help spread the word about Saving Senior Dogs Week. The more people that can share information about this amazing week, the better. Seniors are often the last dogs to get adopted, so more positivity needs to be spread about them.

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“None of us can do it by ourselves. None of us can save all the dogs,” Mayn said. “There are a lot of dogs out there that need to get saved and we just need to help each other and get more people involved. That’s the only way it’s going to work.”

If you’re looking to welcome a new dog into your family, consider adopting a senior dog! They have a lot of love to give, and they could change your life like they did for Mayn. Don’t let age be the reason for overlooking some of the most amazing dogs out there.

Image: @lilyslegacysds/Facebook

Featured Image: @lilyslegacysds

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