Marathon runners train for months or even years to prepare their bodies and minds for the arduous 26.2 mile trek. Khemjira Klongsanun of Bangkok, Thailand is no exception. But when she came across a tiny puppy along the roadside about 7 miles into a local race, she dropped everything to rescue her. Klongsanun went on to finish the marathon, running 19 miles with the pup cradled in her arms!

The pooch contentedly bobbed along with her rescuer, happy to join the event!

Rather than handing the little hitchhiker off to a spectator or taking her to a shelter, Klongsanun brought her home to join her family!

She named the puppy Nong Chom after the district in Thailand where she was found.

Nong Chom quickly adjusted to life as a kept pup!

And after a trip to the vet, Klongsanun brought Nong Chom back to the spot where she was found to look for her mom and siblings.

Unfortunately, no other dogs were found. It seems the tiny gal was truly on her own that day. Thank DOG her mom came along to save her!

Klongsanun may not have won the marathon, but her heroic actions mean she will always be first place in Nong Chom’s heart!


H/T to The Dodo

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