Pakita, a beautiful Chocolate Lab, had a habit of escaping her backyard to explore the neighborhood. Despite her owner, Ariel Navira, trying to keep her inside, she would always find a way out. One day, Pakita chased a squirrel and ended up lost, far from home. The residents in the unfamiliar area were not as welcoming as her neighbors, but thankfully, someone eventually took her to the animal shelter.


At the shelter, Pakita was shy and withdrawn, refusing to bond with anyone. For two years, the shelter staff tried to help her socialize and find a new family, but she remained distant. They decided to post her picture on social media, hoping someone would adopt her.


Ariel’s mother saw the post and recognized Pakita. Ariel had been searching for her for two years and never gave up hope. They went to the shelter, but at first, Pakita didn’t recognize Ariel and hid behind the shelter worker. Ariel was devastated, but he wasn’t giving up! He knelt down and spoke to her. Finally, she picked up a familiar scent and made her way over. Even though it had been two long years, Pakita would never forget the smell of ‘home!’ This man was her dad and she had missed him so much! Her entire demeanor changed, and she happily greeted him with hugs and kisses.


To meet Pakita and witness the heartwarming reunion, scroll down to the video below. We are so relieved that Pakita and Ariel are back together again!

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