When rescuers from Sidewalk Specials found Noah, they were expecting a vicious, aggressive dog. Instead, they discovered a scared, gentle soul in desperate need of love and care. It was rumored that Noah was vicious, and that was why he was unwanted and kept outside. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! The pup needed a fresh start in life and humans who had faith in him. His owner had failed him miserably, leaving him to rot in the yard while he went on with his business. Noah wasn’t an afterthought; he was given no thought at all!


Noah was found in a dirty, cramped kennel with barely any room to move. It was clear that no one had cleaned the kennel in a long time, and Noah was terrified. Rescuers had to leash him and gently pull him out of his prison, as he was too scared to move on his own. They wondered if he could even walk, given his frozen state.

They brought him straight to the animal clinic. The first thing the veterinarian did was give Noah arthritis medication. The poor dog suffered from old age, a poor diet, and freezing winters that had taken a toll on his bones. His advanced and untreated arthritis caused him severe pain. Noah was then given a bath, likely the first of his life, which made him smell much better and helped him feel more comfortable.


Throughout the entire rescue and time at the vet, Noah didn’t cause a single problem. His sweet, gentle demeanor made it clear that someone out there would want to give this old soul a loving home. That person turned out to be a woman named Jacqui, who had already adopted several older dogs and built a “retirement home” for them. At the time, she had five dogs, and when she saw Noah, she knew she wanted to add him to her family. However, she was initially worried about whether she would be able to care for him, given his condition.

Noah was barely mobile and riddled with pain. He was also sensitive in certain areas, making it challenging to administer his medication. But after a few weeks, the woman started getting used to what Noah needed, and things got easier. Noah began imitating the other dogs in the home and became more comfortable in his new environment.


With time, Noah transformed into a happy, playful dog. He followed his new mom everywhere and loved sitting behind her desk while she worked. Noah’s mobility improved significantly, and he thrived in his new home. Jacqui ‘loves him to bits,’ and she can’t imagine life without him now that he’s a part of the family.

Thanks to rescuers and wonderful people like Jacqui, unwanted dogs like Noah can live out their golden years surrounded by love and affection. We are eternally grateful!

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