Mary and Adam Goldberg are an ambitious couple with a goal of raising $100,000 for animal charities in 2020. Having already raised $160,000 in previous years with their talent for capturing unique pet portraits, we have no doubt that they will reach their goal and more!

AGoldPhoto Pet Photography was formed in 2016 on accident when Adam Goldberg stumbled upon his love of photographing animals at their local animal shelter. Adam worked for the Humane Society of Broward County from 2013-2015, where he taught himself the basics of photography through online tutorials.

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He practiced his new skills by taking photos of the adoptable pets at the humane society and saw how much of an impact an adorable photo could have on their potential adoption. He enjoyed creating pet portraits so much that even when he left the shelter for a full-time corporate marketing job, he still volunteered his time on the weekends at local animal shelters.

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It wasn’t long before Adam and Mary were asked to host a Pet Photo Shoot Fundraiser for the Tampa Bay Humane Society, as their unique pet portraits had become the talk of the town.

Since that very first event in Tampa in July 2016, Adam and Mary have hosted over 250 Pet Photo Shoot Fundraisers. What was once a volunteer role taking portraits of adoptable pets has turned into a full-time pet photography business that takes them around the country.

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Part of what makes AGoldPhoto so successful is their unique approach to pet photography. They wanted to bring something a bit different to the table, and really showcase each dog’s hilarious personality. In their photos you will find dogs diving for treats, posing with their tongues out, and truly showing off their individual quirks.

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Over the last 3 years Adam and Mary have raised just over $160,000 for over 50 animal shelters and charities. With how driven this photography duo is, there’s no doubt that they will reach their goal of $100,000 for the year of 2020.

“Mary and I are very excited to continue our mission and raise even more money for animal charities all over the US. We’re fortunate to wake up every day and love what we do.” – Adam Goldberg

In order to reach their $100,000 goal they will need to photograph 2,000 pets throughout the entire year. With 10% of each photo shoot going toward national charities as well, you’ll want to be a part of this!

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AGoldPhoto is also in search of corporate sponsors to help them reach their goal, as they pay for all travel expenses out of pocket. They currently travel with their two pups to each event location on their own dime, and could greatly benefit from the help of other animal loving organizations. Justin’s Peanut Butter and Zuke’s Dog Treats have already jumped on board to provide an endless supply of goodies for photo shoots!

If you are interested in supporting a great cause and investing in some unique portraits of your best furry friend, you can take a look at their upcoming events here.

We can’t wait to watch Adam and Mary accomplish their goal!


All photos used with permission: AGoldPhoto/Instagram & AGoldPhoto Portfolio

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