A Texas senior citizen has provided a forever home to a senior dog, creating a heartwarming story of companionship and mutual support. Velcro, a 10-year-old Carolina dog mix, was living at Austin Pets Alive (APA), an animal rescue in Austin, since 2022.

He arrived with arthritis and advancing neurological and musculoskeletal issues affecting his spine and back legs, making the search for a suitable home a challenge. APA staff were seeking a calm environment with an understanding and patient owner.


Image/Story Source Credit: 19 News via YouTube Video


Meanwhile, 74-year-old Jeanette, who recently experienced the loss of two senior dogs, was in search of a low-energy pet that would fit well with her lifestyle. Through APA’s foster-to-adopt program, she met Velcro in February, and the connection was instant. This program supports the dog’s transition into a home environment by offering at-home behavior consultations and ongoing adoption support.

Jeanette expressed her hope that Velcro’s successful adoption encourages others to consider older or special-needs pets, emphasizing the profound love and gratitude these animals can offer. She felt as though Velcro chose her, saying he “adopted” her by always staying by her side. This successful placement highlights the importance of finding loving homes for senior dogs, where they can enjoy their later years in comfort and happiness. Jeanette’s adoption of Velcro, affectionately renamed for his constant companionship, serves as an inspiring example of compassion and the special bond between humans and their pets.


Image/Story Source Credit: 19 News via YouTube Video


Velcro spent a total of 700 days at APA before finding his perfect match in Jeanette, illustrating the life-changing impact of patience and love in the adoption process.

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