Obedience Training

Obedience Training

There are three levels of obedience:


Depending on your dogs temperament and what your looking to get outScreen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.04.38 AM of your dog, an obedience course is always recommended. Do you have a couch potato for a dog? Well even they need some basic obedience, or should I say, manners?

Not every dog will need the same type of training. Some may be well mannered and just need some cleaning up, such as a basic obedience course to get your dog right on track. Some dogs may need a course more intense, such as intermediate that offers training on and off leash. And last but not least, advanced obedience is for the owner who wants a next to perfect dog.
All dogs need a basic foundation to grow on, this happens in the obedience course. We will help you and your dog learn step by step how to be a well mannered pooch. Not all breeds qualify for basic obedience, this is because some breeds require much more time, intensity, and focus type training. For example, a working line German Shepherd will not qualify for Basic Obedience because that dog will need more one on one sessions, as well as a more strict program overall. For example, it may be okay to allow a small breed dog such as a Chihuahua to jump on someones leg, however a full grown German Shepherd may knock a person right over (never a wanted behavior.) There are key differences in each level, therefore with an In-Home Evaluation, K9 Specialist will perform a series of tests to determine what level your dog qualifies for.

Basic Obedience:
This level of training would include your primary commands such as sit, stay, Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.03.20 AMlay, heel and come. Dogs will also be trained under distraction mostly on a leash.

Intermediate Obedience:
Includes all of the Basic Obedience training, but with more distraction training off the leash.

Advanced Obedience:
This level includes both the Basic and Intermediate Obedience training, but with the highest distraction training always off a leash. Both the dog and handler will be taught extreme control under extreme conditions.


After 3 visits and/or 1 week or more at our training facility, no refund may be obtained. This is only valid on Basic training programs. This is not applicable to any Intermediate, Advanced, Aggressive Behavior Modification, or Personal Protection Training Programs.

For clients protection as well as ours, all evaluations are subject to being recorded.

Michigan Home Solicitation Act – Click to Read

Aggression – K-9 Specialist will not take on any dog that shows aggression toward any internal family member.  This goes for daughter, son, nephew, niece, uncle, aunt, father, mother, In Laws etc.  We only deal with aggression that comes from the outside in.  We will teach the dog to be put under control by the handler to stay on their property at their side while being out doors.  This means under complete client contained supervision!! Client must specify clearly at the signing of contract on what type of aggression they are dealing with and understand what we will not take on.

All training comes with a lifetime guarantee for the life of the pet.

Note: Please understand that K-9 Specialist LLC can only teach you and provide you with the proper tools to control any unwanted behaviors your dog may have. For example, if you have a Hound and you dislike that he or she chases birds, K-9 Specialist LLC can help you control that unwanted behavior while you are in your dogs presence only. We cannot stop your dogs natural given drive, nor can we control it if the dog is unattended. However, as long as you are trained by us and follow the proper procedures on how to maintain control of your dog while in his or her presence, you will have a well behaved dog. Please note that this applies to all behavior modification courses. Do not be fooled by others who claim they can “cure” a problem that is a natural instinct to your dog. There is no cure for a bird dog wanting to chase birds for example, but there are ways to control them. Please do not waste your time or money on K-9 Specialist LLC if your expectations are to “cure” your dogs natural instinct. If your expectation is to have full control over your dog while in his or her presence, we are the team for you. This same concept also applies to aggressive behavioral issues.

Special Example: I, owner and operator of K-9 Specialist LLC, owns a naturally aggressive Pitbull. My Pitbull is ONLY aggressive towards other dogs or animals in general, not people. As long as I am with my dog, whether I have her on or off a leash, she will respect and obey my authority. For example, if another dog walks by and I am present with my Pitbull, she will remain in her place and not move or react to that dog because I am there to control the situation. However, if I walk away and leave my dog unattended, she will most definitely advance towards the other dog because I was not there to control the situation. I am giving this very real scenario to provide the public with the knowledge that just because a dog is well trained, the training does not take the natural instinct out of them at all. It would be like taking the “dog” out of the dog…completely impossible. That’s why I offer training to help teach and educate you as well as give you the tools to maintain proper control and behavior with your dog, as long as your in his or her presence. That’s the key right there. You MUST be in his or her PRESENCE to have complete control.