Science has shown that sleeping with our pets can have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. But in a video that has now gone viral, we can see the reality of someone “sleeping” with their three German Shepherds.

Because, as many of us dog lovers can attest, it isn’t always the easiest feat to sleep in the same bed, or even in the same room, as our fiercely protective furry best friends.

Have you ever wondered what your dogs do while you’re asleep? Well, that was the exact reason behind this video. Tanyssa has three German Shepherd dogs: Jade, Jasper, and Jet. German Shepherds are fiercely protective, and that’s extremely obvious by their behavior in the video. 

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The now-viral video begins at bedtime, and we can see Tanyssa snuggled up in bed with her three canine companions by her side. But that’s not where they stay throughout the night. As the time ticks by, they jump on and off the bed, patrol the room, check the window, bark for seemingly no reason, ask her for pets, and more. 

Snuggled in bed

But something that’s incredibly interesting to observe is the way they seem to instinctively take turns staying alert. Throughout the night, they rotate which one is awake and actively checking for danger. They are some super protective pups!

There is definitely a long list of pros and cons to sleeping with our canine companions. On one hand, there’s something extremely comforting about having a dog in your bed while you sleep. They can help keep you warm on cold nights and provide peace of mind that you’ll be protected. But they can also be extremely disruptive to our asleep. Some breeds are keen to “patrol” the room or will begin to bark at the slightest sign of movement or at even the quietest of noises.  

Other pups love to snuggle and will literally lay their entire body on yours. (Hello, doggy pile.) That may not be much of a problem if you have a toy breed or even a small dog, but for the big breeds, it can be a bit much.

Most pet-parents wouldn’t have it any other way. Our furry best friends are family, and we want them to stay close to us while we sleep.

You can check out the humorous and extremely relatable viral video below. And for more funny canine content, follow this pack of German  Shepherds on their Instagram page and YouTube channel

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