When a storm hit Canada and caused severe flooding, many people were forced to evacuate. Sadly, several homeowners left their animals behind. We aren’t sure if they did so in a callous manner or if the local shelters wouldn’t accept pets. Regardless, their lives would soon perish if it weren’t for an act of bravery and compassion. A football player named Brady, along with teammate Shai, stepped up to save a stranded dog and her puppies. The water leading up to the house was freezing, and Brady could barely feel his feet, but he knew he had to help the canine family.


Brady and his teammate heard the cries of the dog whose owners had evacuated due to the flood. The entire home was now surrounded by water. Brady was determined to save the dog and her babies despite the challenging conditions. Brady and Shai embarked on their first rescue mission together. They waded through knee-deep water, battling freezing temperatures and snowfall, to reach the house where the dog and her puppies were trapped. The journey was difficult, and they struggled to find the driveway amid the muddy floodwaters.


When they finally reached the house, they found the mother dog crying on the balcony. They reassured her, saying, “It’s okay, Mama. We’re coming to get you.” Brady and Shai managed to get the dog inside the house and located her scared puppies. They quickly devised a plan to carry the puppies and the mother dog back to their truck.

Brady carried the mother dog, while Shai carried the puppies in a laundry basket. The journey back to the truck was a workout, with Brady’s arms burning from the effort and the cold. However, they persevered, knowing they were giving the canine family a chance at a better life.


Once they reached the truck, Brady and Shai were relieved to see the dogs safe and warm. They marveled at their accomplishment, acknowledging that they probably had hypothermia from the freezing water. But they were proud to have saved the dogs and given them a chance at a new, happy life.

Check out the video below to see the full rescue. Thank you, Brady and Shai, for your heroic efforts!

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