Bitter Root Humane Association in Montana first learned about a group of wild Huskies when they received a call about a Husky that needed their leg amputated after being shot. Then, they later received another call about 3 Huskies running loose. When they looked into these events closer, they found that they were dealing with more than just a few dogs. As it turns out, there were over 30 Huskies found roaming free in the wild!

The humane association worked hard for about 60 hours to bring all the dogs to the shelter. They ended up rescuing 39 Huskies, which included a litter of puppies. They don’t know much about the history of these dogs, but they are determined to make sure they all find a good home.

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However, after all these Huskies arrived, the shelter became overcrowded. They already had 17 dogs and some cats and birds at their shelter, so they barely have room for these new dogs. They have reached out to some Husky rescue organizations to see if they could help, but right now, the shelter is accommodating the dogs in any way possible.

For now, the adult dogs will be housed in outdoor kennels until they can find better and more comfortable places to stay. The puppies are currently staying at a foster home until they’re old enough to be adopted. All dogs are being well cared for, but it is difficult for the shelter alone to give them all the attention they need.

Help These Huskies Find Homes!

This shelter hopes to be able to find foster homes and forever homes for these dogs as soon as possible. Many of them still need to be spayed and neutered before they’re put up for adoption, but that may take some time.

Cyra Woehlke-Saltzman, the operations manager of Bitter Root Humane Society, encourages people to come visit the dogs if they’re interested.

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Woehlke-Saltzman suspects that some of these Huskies might even be mixed with wolves. Because of this, she fears that it will be difficult to find homes for them. The shelter doesn’t know much about each individual dog yet, so they are unsure of what to expect in a home setting.

“We don’t think they will be great with livestock, and we don’t think they will be great with smaller animals,” said Woehlke-Saltzman. “We don’t have the time and resources to actually sit down and work with these dogs to see where we can home them.”

So, the shelter encourages people to help out in any way possible. If you are able to donate or volunteer, that would help them immensely. Also, if you are interested in a Husky, please stop by and spend one-on-one time with the dogs. It can help you find out if that dog is a good match for you, and it can help the shelter to learn more about all the dogs.

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If you know of any ways to help these dogs whether it’s donating, volunteering, or finding more space for them, please contact Bitter Root Humane Association. The more help they can get, the sooner these dogs can find their forever homes!

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