A dog named Ragnar has an obsession with a particular plush toy. His mom washed the toy just once, and his heart shattered. He longingly watched as the toy spun around inside the washing machine. When he got his toy back, his joy was so overwhelming that he leaped into the air to celebrate the reunion. He cherishes it deeply, cradling it with his paws, wanting his best friend to partake in every aspect of his life – including eating, playing, and sleeping. He carries it everywhere, and it seems that Ragnar favors this plush over the others because it’s the only one he didn’t destroy. Not at first.


The toy was originally his mom, Lucile’s, but he loved it so much. He would run into her room and steal it. Lucile finally gave in and gifted it to Ragnar. He cherished it like his very own baby until he tore it apart while playing. Lucile ordered him another one and presented the brand new one to him. Thankfully, he didn’t notice the difference.


One day, while Lucile was dog-sitting, Ragnar met the pup named Suzy. Suzy didn’t get along with the other dogs in the family and immediately connected with Ragnar. Lucile felt it was best if the dog permanently stayed with them and made the adoption official.


Both Suzy and Ragnar are fearful when it comes to certain things. But amazingly, as if the two had always belonged together, they aren’t afraid of the same objects or experiences. Suzy helps Ragnar cope with his phobias and vice-versa. Ragnar’s love for Suzy is so powerful that he even shares his plush toy with her. Play the video below to meet the pups. They will warm your heart and soul!

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