Families donning matching outfits for photo ops is nothing new. Countless photo sessions have been held with everyone in the fam sporting the same or similar outfits. In the last few years there has been an explosion in the matching family Christmas pajamas industry. Social media feeds are filled with an endless array of advertisements or snapshots of cute families decked out more festively than the very halls they pose in.

Finally, your holiday cards and family photos sessions will be complete. Dog Threads has taken the idea of matching clothing to its natural progression, designing and selling shirts that the WHOLE family can enjoy, dogs included. They recently pitched the hit ABC show Shark Tank for investment money to take their business to the next level. One of the sharks gave the husband and wife business partners a fat cash infusion to do just that.

The Couple’s Dog Was Their Inspiration and First Model

Gina Davis is educated as a designer and had experience with her own line of women’s clothing. In 2014 she and husband Scott had a Pomeranian Poodle Mix named Thomas who adored dressing up. Gina would go the pet supply stores or boutiques to find outfits for Thomas, but she always left feeling disappointed.

On their Shark Tank appearance, Gina told the Sharks. “…I couldn’t find clothing that matched his human-like personality anywhere. Every store I went in, it was cheap and tacky clothing. I thought ‘I wouldn’t wear that, so why would we dress Thomas [her puppy] in it?’” 

Not finding garments of the quality and style she had in mind for her pupper, she leveraged her design skills and got to work coming up with some super cute and stylish duds for Thomas. When Thomas would wear the shirts out and about town, Gina would inevitably be quizzed by other dog people, “Where did you get that shirt?!” That got Scott and Gina thinking. There might be a business here.

Dog Threads’ Online Business Gives Back to Dogs in Need

The pair set up a snappy online store and Instagram page showcasing their attire. They started making matching outfits for dogs and their human companions and things really took off. In their first year, they enjoyed just under $200,000 in sales.

The company also gives back! Part of every purchase is donated to shelters or rescue groups, helping dogs find forever home. (Sound familiar? Yep, iHeartDogs is in the business of giving to dogs in need as well!) Also, they use their scrap material to make dog beds that are donated to shelters. What a sweet set up! Dogs and their humans looks adorable. Dogs get help finding homes. Dogs in shelters sleep better. The earth has less waste to deal with. Win-win-win-win!

Mark Cuban Invested $250,000 on Shark Tank

Of all the Sharks, only Mark Cuban secured an offer to invest in Dog Threads. The couple originally asked for $250,000 in exchange for a 17% stake in the company. Mark Cuban stepped up but wanted 30%. After playing to Cuban’s heartstrings, citing their desire to provide for their son Ziggy’s future, Cuban agreed to a 25% stake.

Dog Threads is off to the races! We just can’t wait to see how many Christmas cards come out with the entire family sporting Dog Threads. They have some insanely cute sweaters available! Just sayin.

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