Eli Boroditsky was driving to his night shift in Manitoba, Canada through dark rural streets. Suddenly an animal shot across the street and unfortunately, Eli’s car clipped the passing creature. Fully believing he had an accident involving a dog, he got out of his car to render aid. Using a small flashlight, he illuminated the ditch where the pup had landed. Sure enough, he’d hit a dog and carried her off to his car to take her to safety. But it wasn’t a dog. It was a coyote. 

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Surprised When His Coworker Gave an Opinion

Upon arriving at work, Eli told his coworker about his ordeal. He felt bad and wanted to make sure the injured pup got the medical attention she needed. His coworker went out to the car to assess the situation. Eli was completely floored when the coworker told him the news. Eli had not picked up a dog. He was actually traveling with a female coyote.

“I thought it was a German Shepherd or a Husky,” he told CNN news partner CBC. “I didn’t think it was a wild animal.” He added further, “It is amazing how docile it was. I was petting it.”

Second Recent Case of Mistaken Coyote Identification

Oddly, this is not the first time this has happened, even recently. A similar story was circulating a month or so ago. A young woman was driving along when she encountered an injured animal she believed to be a dog. She pulled over, picked up the dog, and went to a veterinarian to provide medical attention. Her story went viral when her brother posted a picture to Twitter of the woman with a wild-eyed coyote sitting docile as could be in the woman’s lap. Her brother’s tweet said, “Today my sister picked up a COYOTE thinking it was a run-over dog and took it to the vet.”  

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Coyote Taken to Wildlife Haven Rehab Centre

Back in Canada, Eli considered himself lucky to not have been retaliated against on his first ride with the injured coyote. He sure wasn’t going to hop back in the car with her again He worked his shift, leaving the coyote snuggled up on his back seat. In the morning when his shift ended, he contacted the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre and an officer came out to pick the injured coyote up. Eli was relieved to have the girl safely delivered to competent hands.

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Coyote is Expected to Make a Full Recovery

Calling her the most famous coyote ever from Manitoba, the Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre posted an update about their patient’s well being. The conservation officers noted that the fact that the coyote did not attack Eli or the attending officers was a sign that she was “pretty banged up.” The Centre reported to the Washington Post that the coyote sustained head trauma and scrapes on its face and legs, but no broken bones. She is regaining her appetite and strength each day. They plan to release her back to the wild as soon as she is ready. 

Finally they warned the public that putting a large predatory animal in the back seat of your car is a really bad idea. Of course, you have to actually realize that you are dealing with a large predatory animal for that warning to be heeded.

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