Oftentimes, animal rescues are more challenging than volunteers prepare themselves for. On one such occasion, an organization was alerted about a Pit Bull and her puppies that were severely neglected. Their owner, a dog hoarder, didn’t provide adequate nutrition or medical care. When a neighbor saw the mama dog outside, her rail-thin body startled her. Thankfully, she called for help, and rescuers swiftly arrived on the scene. They knocked on the door, and when the owner answered, he refused to cooperate. He said if the dog and her puppies die, it’s his problem, not theirs.


The rescuers were flabbergasted! They made a call to local authorities, alerting them of the situation. Police officers arrived and intervened. They insisted that the owner surrender his dogs. The unfeeling man was livid! He was combative and the rescuers felt they had little time to grab the dogs and make a run for it.


One rescuer placed several puppies inside her shirt while another pulled the mama dog with a leash. They ran as fast as they could to their vehicle. Once they were inside, one rescuer said, “Today was a little bit much.” Thanks to these everyday heroes, challenging rescues like this one do not deter them from saving animals in the future. Check out the video below to witness the harrowing rescue for yourself.

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