An elderly man in Washington was recently attacked and bitten multiple times by a pit bull while walking his own dog through a park he enjoys often. What went wrong?

Another case of human negligence for a dog he or she decides to own. The fact that it was a pit bull is irrelevant, because we can prove all day long that not every pit bull is aggressive or would behave in this same manner. The simple fact that the owner neglected to properly train and socialize her dog is the problem here, as it is most cases, is often the problem everywhere. The dog cannot be blamed for what it does not know. Dogs are not like humans who can ask questions, be sat down and spoken to one on one about what it did wrong and what not to do again…a dog needs to be shown properly how to behave. You can have an aggressive dog that still is a well behaved dog. Disagree? Well, try us. K-9 Specialist is highly trained in this very topic of aggressive behavior. We have seen thousands of cases of aggressive behavior, and we have not lost one battle to date (and that’s 24 years to be exact.)

The owner of this pit bull did have the dog on the leash, however the dog got loose somehow and charged the elderly man and his dog. The owner called the dogs name out and said “stop it”, but because the dog has no training whatsoever, it didn’t listen to its owner. Why not? Well….it never had been told to. Does the dog know what the command “stop it” means? No, probably not. Also, calling a dogs name out multiple times is also not exactly giving it a command to do anything at all. Can you imagine if someone were to say your name multiple times but never say anything else? You would just stare at that person and keep saying things like “yes?” Or “what?” Because you are not being told what to do, or are you being asked to do anything. 

If your a dog lover like we are here at K-9 Specialist, you are probably just as irritated as we are right now. We may not be able to stop people from allowing this to ever happen again all together, but we do have a voice to say “this is not the dogs fault!” The owners need harsher punishment for their negligence of owning an animal. The law needs to be much stricter in these cases and show the rest of the world what happens to you if you cannot be a responsible human owning an animal. Will we ever see that in our days? Who knows, but we will continue to use our voice and pray for a change. 

If you or anyone you know has a dog that is aggressive or untrained properly, please, give us a call and let us show you how your dog can be a well mannered asset to society, not a nuisance. You may reach us by phone at 616-212-3054 or use our “contact us” form on our website at 

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