The grooming needs of a Chow Chow are as unique as their appearance. Due to their thick double coat, they require more attention than breeds with simpler coats. Regular grooming keeps their fur mat-free, maintains skin health, and reduces shedding around the house.

1. Understanding the Chow Chow Coat

Chow Chows have a double coat that consists of a soft, woolly undercoat and a coarse outer coat. This double layer requires regular maintenance to prevent mats and ensure comfort, especially during seasonal shedding periods.

2. Brushing: A Daily Routine

Daily brushing is recommended for Chow Chows to prevent tangling and matting. During shedding season, which typically occurs twice a year, more intensive brushing may be necessary to manage the increased volume of loose fur.

3. Bathing: Striking a Balance

Bathing a Chow Chow every two to three months is usually sufficient. However, during shedding seasons, more frequent baths can help to loosen and remove dead fur. Always use a dog-specific shampoo to maintain coat health.

4. Nail Care: Regular Trims

Nail trimming should be done every month to keep your Chow Chow’s paws healthy and prevent problems with walking. If you hear nails clicking on the floor, it’s time for a trim.

5. Ear Care: Preventing Infections

Regular ear checks are important for detecting signs of wax buildup, irritation, or infection. Cleaning should be done with a veterinarian-recommended solution and cotton balls or pads.

6. The Unique Chow Chow Mane

The mane, or ruff, around the Chow Chow’s neck, requires special attention during grooming. It should be brushed outwards from the skin to prevent matting and maintain its distinctive appearance.

7. Tail Grooming: A Fluffy Plume

Chow Chows have a plumed tail that needs regular brushing to prevent mats. The hair on the tail can become tangled easily and should be handled gently.

8. Dealing with Shedding

Managing a Chow Chow’s shedding involves regular brushing and possibly more frequent bathing with a deshedding shampoo during peak shedding seasons.

9. Eye Care: Cleaning and Monitoring

Chow Chows can be prone to eye issues due to their facial structure. Regular cleaning and monitoring for any signs of irritation or abnormal discharge are crucial.

10. Dietary Considerations for Coat Health

A diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can promote a healthy coat. Consult with your vet for dietary recommendations tailored to your Chow Chow’s needs.

11. Professional Grooming: When to Consider

Professional grooming can be particularly beneficial for Chow Chows given the complexity of their coat. It can be considered as a periodic supplement to home grooming.

12. Seasonal Grooming Tips

Adjust your grooming routine according to the seasons. Chow Chows may need extra care during the colder months to manage dry skin and during the warmer months to prevent overheating.

13. Training for Grooming

Training your Chow Chow to enjoy grooming from an early age will make the process easier throughout their life. Use positive reinforcement to create a stress-free grooming experience.


Grooming a Chow Chow is a significant commitment but is essential for their well-being. Regular, thorough grooming not only keeps them looking their best but also helps prevent health issues that can arise from poor coat maintenance. Establishing a grooming routine that fits into your lifestyle and your dog’s needs is key to a happy, healthy Chow Chow.


Frequently Asked Questions About Grooming A Chow Chow

1. How often should I brush my Chow Chow’s coat?

Daily brushing is essential for a Chow Chow to prevent matting and tangles in their dense coat. Use a slicker brush and follow up with a wide-toothed comb to ensure you reach the undercoat. During shedding seasons, you may need to brush more frequently to manage the extra loose fur.

2. How often does a Chow Chow need to be bathed?

Bathing a Chow Chow every two to three months is sufficient, but this can vary depending on their activity level and lifestyle. During shedding seasons, more frequent baths can help facilitate the shedding process. Always ensure they are thoroughly dried afterward to prevent any skin issues.

3. What is the best way to dry a Chow Chow after a bath?

The best way to dry a Chow Chow after bathing is to use a combination of towel drying and a blow dryer on a cool or low heat setting. Due to their thick coat, it is important to dry thoroughly to the skin to prevent hot spots or fungal infections.

4. Do Chow Chows require professional grooming?

While Chow Chows can be groomed at home, professional grooming every few months can be beneficial, especially for a full de-shedding treatment and to ensure that their coat is trimmed evenly, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.

5. How do I handle matting in my Chow Chow’s coat?

To handle matting, gently tease the mat apart with your fingers or use a mat splitter. Work slowly and carefully to avoid pulling on the skin, and always brush your Chow Chow’s coat regularly to prevent mats from forming in the first place.

6. Can I shave my Chow Chow during the summer to keep them cool?

Shaving a Chow Chow is not recommended as their double coat provides insulation and protection from the sun. Instead, keep them cool with shade, water, and air conditioning. Regular grooming will help to manage heat by removing excess undercoat.

7. What are the signs that my Chow Chow’s nails need trimming?

If you can hear your Chow Chow’s nails clicking on the floor as they walk, it’s a sign that their nails are too long and need trimming. Long nails can cause discomfort and may affect your dog’s posture and gait.

8. What should I do about my Chow Chow’s eye care?

Keep the hair around your Chow Chow’s eyes trimmed to prevent irritation, and gently wipe around their eyes with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or discharge. If you notice excessive tearing or any changes in their eyes, consult your veterinarian.

9. What type of diet can help maintain my Chow Chow’s coat health?

A diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can promote a healthier coat. High-quality commercial dog food or a balanced homemade diet recommended by your vet can provide these nutrients.

10. How do I protect my Chow Chow’s skin during grooming?

Use gentle, hypoallergenic grooming products to protect your Chow Chow’s skin. Brush gently to avoid causing brush burn, and after bathing, ensure their coat is completely dry to prevent any skin issues from arising due to trapped moisture.

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