As Christmas approaches, lots of churches put up Nativity scenes for people to enjoy. In Criciúma, Brazil, a church had just set up a Nativity scene of their own, and a group of people came to admire it. To their surprise, there was an unexpected addition to the scene. A puppy was curled up right beside baby Jesus, trying his best to keep warm. The puppy appeared peaceful as he slept.

The puppy looked like a German Shepherd, and he didn’t seem to have a home. He had likely stumbled upon the Nativity scene and decided that it was the best place to rest. He was grateful to have found such a nice place to stay. Sure, it seemed comfortable for the time being, but this sweet pup deserved so much more.

Image: @LotlRescue/Facebook

The Most Beautiful Nativity Scene

Winter can be very cold for stray dogs, so the puppy was likely drawn to the nice cover and cozy bedding of the Nativity scene. Plus, he was surrounded by lots of friendly-looking human and animal statues, so he likely felt less lonely. For him, it was just a temporary place to stay, but for the people passing by, it was a beautiful and unforgettable scene.

Everyone was very respectful of the puppy in the manger, and they stood and admired him. They were careful not to scare or startle him. Instead, they were in awe by how adorable he was, and they will never forget how he was a ‘Shepherd’ for baby Jesus.

Image: Screenshot, Bernard8042 YouTube

People took photos of the adorable moment and began sharing them right away. This photo was shared all over the news and social media, and everyone was moved by this beautiful scene. Also, most importantly, they all prayed that this dog would find the loving home he deserves.

The details of this puppy’s future are not for certain, but many people have said that he’s been adopted by someone that lived nearby and that they welcomed him into their home for Christmas. Whoever opened their kind heart to this puppy did an amazing thing and likely turned his life around.

This image of the puppy sleeping in the nativity scene will likely continue to spread joy each and every Christmas. Even if a dog has had a hard life, they always seem to have hope that things will get better. This puppy was happy to have finally found shelter, and now he likely has an even better home due to his hopeful spirit. 

Image: Screenshot, Bernard8042 YouTube

Featured Image: @LotlRescue/Facebook 

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