A rescue unfolded for a homeless, scared canine– a heartbroken soul enduring the harshness of life on cold, desolate streets. Discovered near a railway station, the initial attempt at rescue was deemed too perilous, fearing the risk of the dog darting into harm’s way with passing trains. The rescue team from Howl Of A Dog was determined to help. They opted for a safer approach, following the distressed dog and coaxing him toward a more secure location. A challenging marathon ensued as the dog evaded their efforts each time they drew near. Eventually, a breakthrough occurred, as the dog comprehended the intentions or, perhaps, the enticing aroma of treats reached his nose. Limping and bearing a scar near his left eye, the team swiftly transported him to a veterinary clinic.


A scan for a microchip uncovered an owner, raising hopes of a joyous reunion. However, contacting the registered owner yielded an unexpected response – the owner relinquished any claim to the dog he named Bobi, and requested the rescue team to take charge. Bobi, a 9-year-old, medium-sized canine weighing approximately 39 pounds, presented with complete loss of vision in his left eye due to an old injury. Despite the challenges, his right eye remained unaffected, providing him with functional sight.


Bobi, once lost and neglected, proved to be gentle, loving, obedient, and remarkably playful. Despite his advanced age, he exuded the curiosity of puppyhood. In his golden years, Bobi sought a caring adoptive family to offer him a home. An update brought heartening news – Bobi found his forever home after a transcontinental journey from Romania to the US. Settling in Delaware, United States, he now basks in the happiness he so rightfully deserves.

To see Bobi’s rescue unfold and witness the diligent work of Howl Of A Dog, click ‘play’ on the video below. We are beyond ecstatic for this happy ending!

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