In a world filled with heartache and challenges, stories like Grammy and Opie’s remind us that kindness and love still exist. Lee Asher of The Asher House, an organization dedicated to finding loving homes for shelter animals, recently visited one of his favorite animal shelters. Upon arrival, he was asked to spend time with two senior dogs, Grammy and Opie, who desperately needed a new lease on life. Opie, an 11-year-old canine, and Grammy, estimated to be around seven years old, had both experienced their fair share of hardships. Grammy, in particular, had been used as a breeding dog, resulting in numerous adhesions and lasting health conditions. Despite their pasts, both dogs exuded a sense of resilience and hope, proving they were ready for a new beginning.


After deciding to adopt the two senior dogs, Lee and his team set out to spoil them with all the love and care they deserved. Before heading to their hotel for some much-needed rest, the pups were treated to a shopping spree for new beds, treats, and food. Lee took special care to ensure that Grammy, with her “old granny hips,” would be comfortable and safe.

With their new belongings in tow, the dogs were visibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to start fresh. As they made their way to the hotel, it was evident that both Grammy and Opie were already experiencing a transformation. Their spirits were lifted, and their happiness was contagious.


Upon arriving at The Asher House, it was time for the dogs to settle in and adjust to their new surroundings. Lee provided a quick update on the progress of Grammy and Opie, sharing that Opie had been adopted and was thriving in his new environment. Grammy, who initially struggled with exhaustion and a lack of appetite, had become a completely different dog. She was now energetic and playful and had made many new friends. Lee expressed his immense pride in her progress, noting that she was now like a “big puppy.”


Lee Asher and The Asher House continue to make a difference in the lives of shelter animals, providing them with the opportunity to find their forever homes. As for Grammy and Opie, their journey has just begun, but it’s clear that they have found a brighter future filled with love and happiness.

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