When Tye from Boss Farms Family rescue group first laid eyes on Goliath, the Great Dane, he could hardly believe the state the poor dog was in. Weighing a mere 86 pounds, Goliath was a far cry from the healthy 160-pound dog he was meant to be. Tye knew he had to help Goliath. He agreed to foster him and brought the dog home from the shelter. Goliath sat in the car with his skeletal frame and headed home with Tye. Goliath’s journey began with nursing the dog back to health.


At first, Goliath was hesitant to eat, having been let down by those who were supposed to care for him. Tye understood that Goliath needed to trust someone again, so he focused on connecting with the dog and assuring him that he was now in good hands. Over time, Goliath began to trust Tye and finally started eating.

As Goliath’s health improved, he became a sort of “grandpa” figure for the other rescue dogs at Boss Farms. He would sniff and approve of every new dog that came in, and the puppies would snuggle up in the crevices of his giant body. Goliath had become ‘the glue that held the pack together.’


With love and care, Goliath eventually reached his healthy weight of 160 pounds. He began to shine, looking like a majestic horse as he galloped around. Tye was so proud of Goliath’s progress and the bond they had formed that he decided to adopt Goliath himself. He vowed never to let anyone let Goliath down again.

Now, Goliath lives a life of luxury, getting whatever he wants and enjoying every moment of his new life. He even had the opportunity to participate in the Hallmark Rescue Dog Awards, where he won the title of Best Senior. This led to an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, where Goliath stole the hearts of everyone who met him.


Despite his newfound fame, Goliath remains a gentle giant, always ready to snuggle with his fellow rescue dogs and bring joy to everyone around him. To see Goliath’s incredible transformation, check out the video below.

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