When Alva was initially adopted, the team at Austin Pets Alive! was overjoyed, believing she had found her forever home. Alva lives with cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition affecting her brain’s part that coordinates movement, leading to mobility challenges. However, her new life didn’t afford her sufficient outdoor time or exposure to diverse experiences, causing her to become fearful and defensive towards strangers, even attempting to bite visitors. This behavior led her family to return her to the shelter, a decision that saddened the staff and raised concerns about her chances of finding a permanent home.


Confused and lonely, Alva couldn’t grasp why she was back at the shelter or why her family hadn’t come for her. The shelter staff committed themselves to her care and training, showering her with affection and holding onto hope for her adoption. Despite improvements in her mobility and temperament, Alva was continually passed over by potential adopters, leading her to lose hope after 500 days in the shelter.

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That changed when Joe Rotunda discovered Alva’s story on Instagram. Captivated by her photos and videos, he visited the shelter in Austin, Texas, undeterred by learning about her condition and anxiety. Alva was initially wary of Rotunda, reacting anxiously and defensively. Yet, Rotunda was not discouraged. He was convinced of Alva’s inherent kindness and determined to earn her trust.


His dedication inspired him to visit daily as he grew increasingly attached to her. “I bet everyone has given up on you. I’m not going to do that to you,” Rotunda shared with Austin Pets Alive!. With guidance from the shelter’s trainers, Rotunda gradually won Alva’s trust. She began to eagerly anticipate his visits, eventually showing a desire to spend more time with him.


Rotunda prepared his home for Alva, ensuring it was safe and comfortable for her. After a successful overnight stay, where Alva displayed happiness and comfort, Rotunda knew she was ready to join his family permanently. Alva’s arrival brought immense joy to Rotunda’s home, proving that all she needed was a chance. She quickly formed a close bond with her new canine sibling, Max, and enjoyed shared naps and companionship.

Rotunda’s love transformed Alva, easing her anxiety and fears. She became a joyful dog, full of love for her new life and her adoptive dad, epitomizing the power of patience and love in overcoming challenges.

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