Marshmallow, a timid and skinny Great Dane, has transformed from a scared, lonely dog to a beloved member of a new family, thanks to the love and dedication of her foster mom, Jordan. When Animal Control picked up Marshmallow, her owners were called, but they didn’t want her. She was turned over to the shelter. Jordann, who already had four dogs, decided to foster Marshmallow and promised to help her gain weight. Initially, Marshmallow was too shy to even eat without Jordann sitting in the room with her. The pup was also scared to be alone.


During Marshmallow’s first thunderstorm with Jordan, she paced the bed, unable to settle down. Jordann cuddled and petted her until the storm passed, helping Marshmallow realize she was safe in her new environment. Although Marshmallow was more of a people person, she would play a little with the other dogs but not very much. She would get anxious if the other dogs became too rowdy and hyper.


Marshmallow preferred when the dogs were calm and liked just chilling with them, but she would get nervous when they became too loud. Marshmallow was instantly warm with people, sitting on their laps immediately. She started to come out of her shell more when Jordann began having friends over with their dogs. Marshmallow gradually became part of the pack, but even when she came out of her shell, she remained a calm dog.

Cuddling with a Great Dane like Marshmallow was described by Jordann as the best weighted blanket ever. Marshmallow bonded closely with Jordan, which made the foster mom nervous about letting her go. The day Marshmallow’s new family came to take her home, they were so excited that it made Jordann excited as well, even though she knew she would be sad to see Marshmallow go.


Marshmallow warmed up to her new family quickly, and they cherish her so much. Jordann is glad that the precious pup has found a fitting home that appreciates her gentle nature. We are so grateful for Marshmallow’s happily ever after, and you will be too! Check out this sweetie’s full story in the video below.

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