Dogs are pack animals. They thrive in the company of other canines, but sometimes, adding to their clan isn’t a simple process. Especially when a dog is reluctant to share their humans. Diane and her family knew their Golden Retriever, Sterling, needed a friend. Although he was a loving and loyal companion to his human family, they felt that he needed someone of his own kind to bond with and play with. This is the heartwarming story of how Sterling, initially reluctant, embraced his new canine brother, Colin, and how their relationship blossomed into a beautiful friendship.


The first time Diane and her family introduced another dog to Sterling, it was actually a stuffed toy. Sterling’s reaction was a mix of confusion and jealousy, as he seemed to think that the toy was getting more attention than he was. This led Diane to believe that Sterling needed a real dog companion – a buddy to wrestle, play, and be more of a dog with, rather than just being around humans all the time.

However, Diane was nervous about how Sterling would react to a new puppy. She knew that it might take some time for him to adjust and accept the newcomer. When they finally brought home Colin, a cute little puppy, Sterling was initially indifferent and even ignored him. But Colin was smitten with Sterling from the moment they met. He followed Sterling everywhere, wanting nothing more than to be around his new big brother.


One day, Colin found himself at the top of the stairs, nervous about going down. Diane tried to encourage him, but he was too scared. It was then that Sterling stepped in, going to the top of the stairs and standing in front of Colin, as if to protect him from falling down. This heartwarming moment showed that Sterling was beginning to accept Colin as part of the family.

Over time, Sterling began to let his guard down around Colin. At one point, he even rolled onto his back – a vulnerable position for dogs – which signaled to Diane that Sterling was becoming more comfortable with Colin’s presence. As the days went by, the two dogs grew closer and closer, eventually becoming inseparable.


Now, Sterling and Colin do everything together. They go to the pet shop, hike, and play as true canine brothers. Having Colin around seems to have completed Sterling, giving him the companionship he didn’t know he needed. Play the video below to meet the adorable Golden brothers.

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