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Trips to the doctor are no fun. Humans and animals alike often dread their upcoming doctor visits for a number of reasons, but this pup begs to differ.

Though trips to the veterinary clinic are essential for a long and happy life for your furry friend, it’s often a source of anxiety for many dogs. With the possibility of receiving vaccines and meeting people they’re unfamiliar with, dogs aren’t often barreling through the veterinary clinic doors with excitement.

vet playground
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Unlike other pups, this adorable Golden Retriever takes his health seriously. So much so, that he runs into his veterinary office gleefully! This pup’s enthusiasm for his trip to the animal clinic is so heartwarming, that a video documenting his joy for the vet has gone viral.

From the second that this Golden walks through the doors, he is running full speed ahead toward his favorite group of people. In the video you can see him running from person to person, soaking up every head pat he can get. He is so thrilled about his trip to the vet that he just can’t sit still!

In this video he’s also sporting his very best set of running shoes and even rocking a big polka-dot bow tie. With an occasion so special, it makes sense that he dressed up.

vet playground
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Often times when you bring your furry friend to the vet, they may put on the brakes upon entering their assigned exam room. This Golden not only eliminates the need for any assistance on helping him enter the exam room, but leads his own way with his leash in his mouth. His fur parent couldn’t get him in the door fast enough, so he took on the task himself!

After the Golden makes a few laps around the clinic, it appears as though he finally calms down and resumes his place next to his proud owner. It’s clear that he not only loves the opportunity to come to his favorite place, but truly feels safe within the walls of this veterinary clinic. The staff at this clinic is clearly doing something right!

If this pup is THIS excited to visit the vet, we can’t even imagine how ecstatic he is to visit the dog park.

We hope this heartwarming video made your day like it made ours! Does your doggo enjoy their trips to the vet?

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