October 8th, 2015

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in Michigan! Trees changing colors of brilliant yellows, red and oranges. Hot apple cider is being served here daily. The scent of acorns and leaves blowing around, and of course we cannot for get the pumpkin pies!! However, fall is also the time of year we turn the clocks back one hour. Does this effect your pooch as well? It sure does!

This is nothing to worry about whatsoever, but it may be helpful to understanding some of your dogs recent change in behavior. Because we are human and know what day of the year it is, we know and expect the day we gain or lose an hour…however our pooches do not! They tend to run on routine, and they get it down pat pretty darn well! Ever notice how your dog always seems to know when dinner time is? Even if you forget, you will see your dog staring at you just waiting for that tasty meal! They are quite intelligent and adjust to “time” very well. However the one hour forwards and backwards can throw a wrench in their much known routine. You may notice them being sleepier longer in the mornings than usual, but don’t forget, they are still adjusting to the time and routine that suddenly changed. 

Dogs do surprisingly well with time changes, they are animals and instinctively adapt to their surroundings. So no worries! Just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous Michigan weather with your pooch, he or she will get the hang of it soon enough! 

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