Facility Training

Facility training is for those who want their dogs training to happen the majority of the time at the facility away from the home. This may be for a number of reasons, one being that the owner may travel often for work, or maybe a family has an aggressive dog in need of facility type rehabilitation away from its own environment. Whatever the reason may be, K9 Specialist is here to accommodate all needs and requests. Facility training is a wonderful way to tackle any dogs issues one on one and have several sessions of training throughout the day.

Training your dog at the facility allows us to work your dog more often and with more distraction. The more one on one sessions with your dog we have, the more controlled he/she will be at the end of its training program. We do not send your dog home until it is able to perform all tasks requested in our contracted designed by you and K9 Specialist. This way we are able to ensure a lifetime guarantee* for the life of your dog, on everything it learned and tasks it performed specified in our agreed upon contract.

During your dogs stay at one of our three facilities, you and your family are able to visit on a weekly basis. In these moments you may be able to see your dogs progress as well as have some play time. All the kennels have their own beds raised several inches off the floor. The entire facility is temperature controlled according to the season and current temperatures. All dogs have their own play time as well as training time. The facility is completely fenced in for security and a member of our staff lives on site 24/7. The building and training area is located several hundred feet away from the road, and has wooded property surrounding it.

Our facility also offers boarding. Call ahead to reserve a kennel space for your pooch! Over-sized kennels are available for owners with 2 or more dogs who are in need of boarding (request ahead of time to ensure availability.)
Day Boarding is also available (same day drop off and pick up)

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