E-collars verses Shock Collars, this is definitely a topic thats always up for debate. However, most often, we find that people just do not know what they do not know. What does that mean?

Well, many years ago when the first “shock collar” was produced and used, it had only one setting. That one setting gave quite the jolt, needless to say, not all dogs and behaviors needed a correction quite that harsh. The original shock collars failed us because of the lack of levels to stimulate the dogs behavior. For example, if you have a small breed dog who needs to learn its outdoor boundaries, it wouldn’t need a high level of stimulation, but rather a low stimulation that attracts the dogs attention and effectively corrects the behavior.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to use a low stimulation on a large breed dog, such as a Rottweiler, who chases everyone and everything that passes by its house. When it comes to a breed such as this, you must take in consideration the animals pain tolerances, as they will differ from a smaller breed. Therefore, a low stimulation for a large breed may only feel like a small tap and not get the dogs attention at all. So a higher level may be required, as these dogs not only have thicker skin, but also thicker muscles.

Todays e-collars have been a wonderful training tool, when used properly! We cannot stress that enough. These collars, like other training tools, must be used properly to avoid not only injury to the dog, but tampering with the dogs bond between itself and the owner.

E-collars today have many more advantages than its early prototypes. Today there are different sizes of collars, which are meant for varying sizes of breeds, as well as several different levels of stimulation. So if you have a large breed whose quite stubborn, then choosing the large breed e-collar with several levels would be right for you. While others who have small to medium sized breeds will find that their collars are smaller, yet still allowing several different levels of stimulation to fit their needs as well.

Although great and effective training tools, they must be handled properly. Any great tool can be used to be harmful if one simply does not know what the proper way is to handle the tool. Always read instructions, and make sure you purchase the correct size for what your breed and situation is. Not all collars are created equally, so if you have questions or concerns, please give us a call at 6161-212-3054, or send us an e-mail by visiting our “Contact Us” page. We return all emails within a 24 hour period, if not sooner.


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