Dogs are considered the best companions humans could ask for, yet sometimes, our actions suggest we might not be worthy of their unconditional love. Take the story of Snoop, for example, whose heart-wrenching abandonment was widely shared across the globe after his owner left him on the side of the road. His callous owner dumped the dog and then ignored Snoop as he chased him back to his car. The dog, having no idea what was going on, jumped up on the car door, pleading to come back inside. But his owner didn’t care and just drove away.


Snoop found himself discarded along with his bed but was thankfully discovered by a passerby who then transported him to a shelter. Initially, Snoop, who was once joyful, sank into a deep sadness, holding onto the hope that his previous owner would return for him. This hope was in vain, but fortune had a brighter future in store for him the following year.

Once back at the shelter, staff with the RSPCA described him as a well-behaved dog in dire need of a new family, Snoop began to recover from his abandonment and adjust to his new surroundings. However, finding a permanent home for Snoop wasn’t immediate; he had to patiently wait for his forever home. Snoop’s story, once shared, garnered massive attention and sympathy, leading to thousands of adoption inquiries.


The interest in Snoop was overwhelming, with many eager to offer him a home. After a meticulous review process, Laurence Squire from Hertfordshire was identified as the ideal match. Moved by Snoop’s story, Laurence was quick to apply for his adoption, offering him a secure and loving home.

Laurence’s home, complete with ample space and a large yard for Snoop to explore, and Laurence’s work-from-home situation promised a life free from separation anxiety for Snoop. Presently, Snoop is living his best life, having rediscovered joy and claiming the title of king in his new abode. He enjoys his meals, playtime, frolicking in the yard, and lounging on the sofa, which is his newfound favorite spot.


While Snoop suffered at the hands of an unfeeling owner, fate led him to where he was always meant to be! To see Snoop in his new home with his loving dad, play the video below.

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