The incredible story we are about to share will frighten you and then warm your heart all in 32 seconds! In the YouTube Short below, a beautiful little dog got loose on the highway. The small white creature was seen dodging in and out of traffic while cars sped along. It surely was a miracle she was still alive. Thankfully, humanity was at its best on this seemingly ordinary day. Once the white dog was spotted, drivers stepped on the brakes, alarmed by what they saw.


While halted, drivers exited their vehicles, hoping to catch the pup. But she was afraid and overwhelmed, having no idea what to do. However, the concerned Good Samaritans persisted. One by one, they chased her, reaching their arms out to catch the hurried dog– with no luck. An officer happened to be driving down the highway as well, and he stopped to help. But the dog sprinted under his car, unwilling to cooperate with the law. She even smiled at the cop as she popped back out and continued to run.


A bus driver pulled over and soon exited her vehicle. The agile woman was determined to save the dog. The pup, now beyond exhausted and thirsty, began to slow down. This was the woman’s opportunity to grab her. Is the rescue successful? Does the bus driver save the day? To find out, play the 32-second video below. It’s official: despite the wrongdoings of the world, humanity will always prevail!

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