They say if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life. And, if you thought the perfect job didn’t exist, think again. How about being a dog’s bodyguard? Or would it be a doggyguard? It sounds amazing either way you say it. The job might sound too good to be true but the position is currently open. It’s a serious task for a serious dog lover!

Protective Pom Parents Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

One couple in the United Kingdom is looking for a bodyguard for their furbaby named Figaro. Turns out the Royal Family aren’t the only ones with impressive ancestors in the United Kingdom. Figaro is a tiny teacup Pomeranian with a massively admirable bloodline! He has extremely rare coloring too which makes him even more tempting to potential kidnappers. And, though we all know our four-legged babies are priceless, Figaro’s parents say he is worth £4,000, or nearly $5,250. Figaro has already narrowly escaped a kidnapping once. His parents aren’t willing to take any more chances.

“This year our dog, Figaro, was almost kidnapped. It has left us in such a bad place of anxiety and stress. So we’re looking for a dog walker that can also protect him properly in case it happens again.”

The couple says the police were unable to do anything last time so they’ve taken matters into their own hands. Laws in the UK view pets as inanimate objects and therefore they are low on the priority list for authorities when they’re reported stolen.

Bodybuilder, Black Belt, Dog Lover Wanted

These protective pooch parents are looking for the best of the best to protect their boy. They posted to to find the perfect match. Figaro’s parents are looking for someone with black-belt level training in at least one type of martial arts. A background in security or combat and bodybuilding is also a must-have. The candidate must, of course, adhere to strict privacy rules and sign an NDA agreement. Most importantly, they have to be a dog lover!

Our Figaro is basically like our child, he’s a rare Pom who we have studded often, with an outstanding bloodline, so a likely target for thieves,” Figaro’s parents said.

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The co-founder of, Kai Feller, told ExaminerLive that he could empathize with Figaro’s parents.

“With the rise of dog-nappers in the UK, and the way the law views dogs that have been stolen, it’s clear why dog owners feel anxious,” said Feller. “It may seem over the top to some, but they clearly love Figaro a lot and want to introduce a new person for him to bond with while also protecting him.”

The hired doggyguard will be responsible for walking Figaro twice a day, Monday through Friday. They will also spend time with Figaro to make sure he isn’t lonely. Plus, of course, there’s that whole fending off bad guys part of the deal.

So what’s in it for the doggyguard? On top of snuggling Figaro and taking him for walks, the doggyguard will receive £20,000 (or $26,200). Not to mention the coolest job title of all time!

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