I’m fairly confident we all have had a dog that likes to go around and eat our beautifully landscaped lawns, shrubs, and sometimes flowers. You pride yourself by how your yard is the most beautiful on the block! That is until your furry friend decides you placed those lilies in the wrong spot and that shrub looked out of place to begin with.
There are two separate situations going on here, and you need help determining what one it is. Situation #1 would be your dog is very misbehaved and has not been properly taught what to respect, AKA: what not to eat! And situation #2 is that your dog may have an upset belly.

Lets explore each one individually. Situation #1 contains a very annoying and destructive habit. If these boundaries are not set as puppies, you risk the chance of your pooch getting into things he or she should not be, and that includes things outside of the home. If your dog is a chewer to instance, they can take that same annoying habit outdoors. Not to mention that dogs naturally “scratch” as they smell something. This can lead to huge holes all over your lawn! Can this behavior be fixed? Absolutely!!! K-9 Specialist has seen it all, and no problem is too big or too small. Through our Obedience Training packages as well as some Rehabilitative Therapy, all of these problems can turn out to be a “thing” of the past, so don’t give up on your pooch just yet!

Now situation #2 is a slight bit trickier. If you find your dog eating grass and then vomiting it back up, thats an indication of a few things. One could be his belly is upset. Another could be he is just really hungry and you may want to evaluate his weight and see if its necessary to increase the amount of food. Or it could be an internal issue, such as a blockage. Sometimes dogs will eat grass after the ate something that just made their belly feel horrible. This is a way for them to settle the bad feeling in their stomach. Finding out what one of these things is the problem will help your little friend feel better real soon!

Here at K-9 Specialist, you can rest assured that your pooch will be trained properly and you will not have to deal with horrible behaviors anymore! If you would like to discuss your dog and situation with us in detail, feel free to contact us at 616-212-3054 or fill out the Contact Us info found on our website www.k9specialist.com 

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