When a call came in requesting assistance for a dog owned by a terminally ill person, a devoted team of animal rescue volunteers promptly took action, highlighting their deep commitment to the welfare of animals. But upon arriving at the designated location, the team encountered an unforeseen obstacle. They found a dog named Lasarus confined within a barn stall, where he had been living in isolation for an astonishing six years.

The team was immediately faced with daunting challenges as they attempted to reach Lasarus . The entrance to the stall was virtually barricaded by an accumulation of dirt and debris, evidence of the long period of neglect Lasarus had endured. The situation underscored not only the dire conditions in which Lasarus had been kept but also the resilience of the rescue team in their mission to provide care and a better life for animals in distress.

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When they arrived at the stall, the two women were horrified to see just how bad the dog’s condition was. Lasarus’ coat was so filthy that it was hard for him to move. Lazarus was taken to a groomer immediately for a bath and haircut. At first, the dog refused to let the handlers cut his hair. He quickly realized how nice it would feel when he did.


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Lasarus had about 33 pounds of fur removed, and he appeared as if he were a brand-new pet. Unfortunately, the dog was having trouble retaining the fact that he was liberated. The groomer who saved Lasarus, said that he was extremely suspicious of everyone.

After a while, the man was approached by another dog. He was given goodies and he quickly warmed up to everyone. It was obvious that he wasn’t used to human contact. It’s possible it had been years since he’d felt a gentle, caring touch.


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Lasarus was at a rescue shelter for a few weeks before being adopted. He couldn’t walk initially, but with the proper therapy and training, he was able to take his first steps. It didn’t take long for this pup to find a good home. His new family celebrated his eighth birthday by showering him with all of the love he deserved. You’d never guess that he used to weigh 35 pounds of filth him now that he has a lovely coat of hair and a wonderful family to look after him!


|Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video


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