Sadie was originally thought to be a “generic mutt” by her previous owner and given away to the shelter. Sadie is actually a Border Collie-German Shepherd cross with many remarkable qualities, such as intelligence, agility, and eagerness to please humans.

However, all of these wonderful characteristics were ignored because Sadie wasn’t considered purebred. Fortunately, Edmonton woman Casi Hofstede found her and gave her the loving home she deserved.


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Casperina Hoff via YouTube Video


Casi was bowled over by Sadie’s loyalty, charm, and affectionate demeanor, and adopted her right away.

However, Sadie was a complete revelation once she got comfortable in her new home. She was highly obedient and had great trainability, but it was her natural affinity for the piano that stunned Casi!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Casperina Hoff via YouTube Video


One day, Casi found Sadie gazing at the piano longingly. Sadie was nervous to touch the piano, so Casi encouraged her to try her paws on it. It took mere seconds for Sadie to fall in love with the instrument!

After that, there was no looking back for her as she soon blossomed into a seasoned doggie piano maestro!


Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: Casperina Hoff via YouTube Video


This adorable video below shows Sadie’s immaculate performance as a pianist. She plays with devotion and even winces like a perfectionist when she thinks she has made a mistake. What a rare talent! We bet she will steal your heart with that poised bow at the end! Keep your volume up for this star “rescue” artist!

Click the video below to watch Sadie’s winning piano performance as she flaunts her prodigal music skills!

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