In a tale that mirrors the adventures seen in “Homeward Bound,” a rescue dog named Bailey embarked on an incredible journey that left her new owner stunned. After slipping away from her new mom, Bailey astonishingly found her way back to the shelter that had been her former home for a long time. The pup made the trek for miles, arrived at the shelter’s front door in the dead of night, and ingeniously used the doorbell to signal her presence. The clever pup can be seen with her sweet face glaring into the Ring’s security camera as she pawed at the bell.

Prior to Bailey’s discovery, The Animal Rescue League (ARL) of El Paso sounded the alarm on social media, urgently requesting assistance in locating Bailey after she had escaped. Despite sightings reported by followers of the rescue’s Facebook page, no one was able to secure her. It seems Bailey had a specific destination in mind all along. With a determination and navigational skill that left shelter staff in awe, Bailey embarked on a 10-mile trek from her new residence back to the Animal Rescue League, guided by an uncanny sense of direction.


Faced with the dilemma of arriving after hours when no one was available to greet her, Bailey resourcefully rang the shelter’s doorbell just after 1 a.m. The shelter’s Ring doorbell camera captured the moment, showing Bailey, both exhausted and adorable, waiting to be let inside. The staff quickly responded, providing Bailey with a warm blanket and a comfortable spot to rest. “Bailey is now safe,” the shelter announced, expressing gratitude for the community’s support. “As we knew, dogs are incredible. Bailey made her own way back to ARL, and rang our ring doorbell at 1:15 am saying she wanted in.”

Following her adventurous return, Bailey was joyfully reunited with her new family. Reflecting on Bailey’s deep connection to the shelter, a social media comment from the rescue noted, “She lived at the shelter for soooo long this was home to her. She felt safe here. When she got loose she was on a mission to get home.” Bailey’s extraordinary journey underscores the remarkable bond between dogs and their places of safety, showcasing Bailey’s unwavering instinct to find her way back to where she felt the most secure.

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